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At this time you may be at the "Hmmm?" point. So here are a few pointers to aid your thinking. Before I built my layout I had a "test track" of 5 lengths of track along the garden path and on this my locos, both of them, would move up and down whilst I got the "feel" for Gauge 3. One member of the Gauge 3 Society had his Gauge 3 layout in a 25 foot square back garden. Elsewhere in the main contents there are instructions for building "Practice Wagons" and "Practice Toads" -the Search function will find them for you. You should then be looking at a Gauge 3 scale wagon to help you think further.

This is the progression from the first level of information to the level where a newcomer may be planning the construction of a Gauge 3 model or thinking about track work. Actual layout construction is covered in the next level Route Three.

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