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The following are common woods used in the manufacture of models. The descriptions given here should help the modeller select the most suitable wood for their model.

BOXWOOD Creamy yellow in colour with virtually no grain.

CHERRY ENGLISH Golden cream colouring and fine even grain.

CHERRY AMERICAN Creamy pink in colour and fine even grain.

CHESTNUT Cream to fawn in colour, very similar to oak, but slightly finer grained and easier to work.

ELM Fawn to medium brown in colour, with a fine grain.

JELUTONG Cream in colour with a straight closed silky grain and a soft texture. It is considered to be the supreme model makers wood.

KINGWOOD Dark brown with lighter brown streaks in colour, with an even straight slightly open grain and hardish texture.

LIME/BASS Pale creamy white in colour with virtually no grain, easy to work, taking fine detail well. This wood is particularly good if a painted finish is required.

OBECHE Pale cream in colour with a slightly coarse open grain, good second choice to Jelutong for general model work.

PEAR STEAMED Pale pink in colour, caused by the steaming process which produces a more uniformed colour. This wood has virtually no grain.

PINE Pale cream in colour, select pieces for its straight even grain and freedom from knots and defects. Soft and very easy to work.

ROSEWOOD Asia Dark chocolate brown in colour, a rare and exotic wood and capable of taking a beautiful finish.

ROSEWOOD S.Amer. Medium mauve to brown in colour, with an even slightly open grain and a fairly hard

RED TULIP Red with creamy streaks in colour, straight slightly open grain and fairly hard texture.

SYCAMORE Pale cream to almost white in colour with virtually no grain, and finishes well.

WALNUT AMERICAN Chocolate brown in colour, with a fine silky grain capable of taking an excellent finish.

WALNUT EUROPEAN Similar qualities to American Walnut, but paler in colour.

YEW FIGURED Varies dramatically in colour, which may range from creamy whites to orange browns, combined with attractive poppy figuring, making this a most unusual and beautiful wood.

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