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The Lathe and The Mill...

The following articles are on the Seig C-1 Lathe and the Seig X-1 Milling Machine. I bought both of them in about 2003 and apart from replacing the primary drive gear on the X-1 Mill, which is "sacrificial" and initially more than a few 1A fuses, they have both served me well making all my parts and wheels, (up to 105mm). Although I now have the larger and more powerful Seig C2A to make steam locomotives with, as a "First Lathe" the C-1 series is pretty much unbeatable. On the net you will find CAM systems for the X-1 including belt drive conversions which enable quieter running and higher speeds. Unlike a fixed large machine both can be classed as "luggable" and sit on the kitchen table or worktop whilst in use.

Easy improvements to the C-2A lathe

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