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Sometimes there are other types of glue that you need other than MEK, CA and Epoxy...

Copydex Adhesive

Copydex is the solvent free, safe to use (it complies with stringent EU child safety legislation) adhesive for home, office and workbench. A mend-it-all adhesive suitable for fabric, carpets, leather, canvas, paper, card, wood, cork and many other materials. Use it for finishing upholstery projects, toy making, general craft use and a multitude of repairs on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.

Zap-A-Gap Adhesive

A thicker version of Zap CA. Bonds practically anything in 10-20 seconds. Allows from 7-10 seconds for careful positioning and has the ability to bridge slight gaps. Once parts are in position, cure time can be speeded up with a quick spritz of Zap Zip Kicker.

Mitre Fix Adhesive

A highly effective super fast adhesive with activator spray. Formulated to bond smooth close fitting surfaces of wood, metal, glass and a wide range of other materials. Spray one face of the joint with the activator apply a small amount of the adhesive to the other face and bring both sides together and hold for approximately 10 seconds.

Titebond Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

For heavy duty applications that require a strong gap filling bond on a diverse range of the heavier building materials. Solvent based, it will even work with wet or frozen timber, bonding timber, metal, brick, concrete, ceramics, manufactured panelling board and bonding plywood and plasterboard to each other. It is not suitable for continuous immersion but is water resistant and permanently flexible enabling slight movement tolerance. Packed in 311ml cartridges for ease of application with a skeleton/mastic gun.

Titebond Solvent Free Construction Adhesive

A solvent free adhesive designed to give a strong bond between wood and most other building materials, hence the name. Excellent for the fitting of applied decorative mouldings and panels and a wide range of materials as diverse as wood, metal, masonry and types of plastic, plasterboard, polyurethane and polystyrene applications. Some clamping or bracing may be necessary for heavier items whilst drying. For use in a skeleton gun.

Aerolite 306 Glue

This much valued urea-formaldehyde/acid hardener glue has been used for many years in boat building and light aircraft wood applications for its strength and dependability of bond. The powder resin is mixed with warm water into a thin brushable cream and the hardener is applied to the mating surface. The two parts are then clamped in close contact for the set to be completed. Working or open time depends on the ambient temperature and humidity but will be in the region of 5-25 minutes. Similarly the clamping time will be influenced by these factors but will need to be left for 1.1/2 - 3.1/2 hours. However, full strength may take up to 14 days to acquire.

Evo-Stik Industrial

An excellent general purpose contact adhesive available either in a thixotropic or standard form. Suitable for bonding laminates, wallboards, hardboards and textiles.

Evo-Stik Resin W Extra Fast

A one part PVA emulsion adhesive with high bond strength. It can be used on all woods - soft, hard, chipboard, plywood etc. A good general purpose woodworker's adhesive. For indoor use.

Evo-Stik Resin W Weather Proof

Specially formulated for outdoor use and for general bonding of such things as window frames, door frames, garden furniture etc. Not suitable for joints continually immersed in water.

Evo-Stik Timebond

A thixotropic non-drip adhesive with the ability to provide for slight re-positioning adjustments prior to a firm grab taking place. Excellent for use on horizontal and vertical applications. Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre tins.

Magic Bond Epoxy Putty

Not strictly an adhesive but certainly a bonding agent. Take off the amount you want, knead the outer layer into the inner core until thoroughly mixed. Use the putty to fill and make waterproof repairs on wood, PVC, fibreglass, ceramics and a whole range of metals. Sets in 20-30 minutes and makes a strong repair in one hour.

Polymite Powdered Resin Wood Glue

Polymite (formerly known as Cascamite) is a powdered adhesive which is mixed with water before use. A synthetic resin, it is waterproof when dry. An excellent well proven adhesive for joinery, cabinet work or boat building.

Polyproof Fully Waterproof Glue

A two part resorcinol / phenol / formaldehyde glue. Totally waterproof when dry, it can be used for a wide range of applications including bonding of normally difficult timbers such as teak or preservative treated timbers. It is used extensively for marine applications. Resin and hardener supplied together. (Formally sold as 'Extraphen').

Polyten PVA Glue

A water resistant, clear drying fast grab PVA adhesive producing, within 10 minutes, which is fully dry in 2 hours.

Titebond Extend Wood Glue

Formulated from the Original Wood Glue this professional interior aliphatic resin emulsion will give you the same reliability of bond and more. Providing you with more 'open time' for complicated assemblies and the extended application times needed for laminations. Developing a bond stronger than the wood itself Extend Wood Glue is also stiffer and more heat resistant in the fully cured state than Titebond III and most other PVA and aliphatic resins making it most suitable for laminations in shaped work and interior applications likely to be exposed to higher than normal temperatures.

Titebond II Dark Wood Glue

Titebond II Dark Wood Glue is a dyed-version of Titebond II Wood Glue. It provides a strong initial tack and fast speed of set to reduce clamp time. It also develops a bond stronger than the wood itself, offers excellent sandability and is unaffected by finishes. Titebond Dark is ideal for wood, hardboard, particleboard, leather, cloth and most other porous materials. Titebond Dark is easy to use, non-toxic and cleans up with water.

Titebond II Fluorescent Wood Glue

Titebond II Fluorescent Wood Glue shows you where the glue contaminated surfaces are which you thought were clear. Titebond II Wood Glue has been used as a trusted professional glue for many years which cleans up with water and sands off well when dry, but like all glues some bits get missed in preparation and it is not until the stain won't bite or the unsightly marks show under your finish that you know they are there. Assemblies which use Titebond II Fluorescent Wood Glue show them up under a 'blacklight (ultra violet lamp)' before you commit to your stain or finish but you won't see any difference under normal light conditions and the strength of the bond is as impressive as ever.

Titebond II Premium Wood Glue

Titebond II aliphatic resin passes the strict American ANSI Type 2 specifications for water-resistance. It works well on all exterior woodworking projects including outdoor furniture, birdhouses, planters and picnic tables. Titebond II Premium provides a strong initial tack, fast setting speed, superior strength and excellent sandability. It is also FDA approved for indirect food contact (cutting boards and laminate trim). Titebond II is easy to use, non-toxic, weatherproof and cleans up with water whilst wet.

Titebond Wood Moulding Glue

Titebond Wood Moulding Glue is the thickest, fastest drying glue available for use with porous and semi-porous materials. Perfect for finish trim, or mouldings and other applications requiring a professional strength, non-run wood glue. Easy to use, cleans up with water before setting. Non-toxic Titebond Wood Moulding Glue provides strong initial tack, fast speed of set, yet allows for realignment of working pieces.

Wudcare PVA - 5 Minute

Under proper working conditions this will give you an initial bond in just 5 minutes and a firm bond in 10. It is suitable for interior and exterior use and has been creep failure tested to BS4071 to eliminate the problem suffered by many other PVA's. Recommended for laminating and veneering wood as well as construction joints.

Z-Poxy Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin is one of the strongest and most durable adhesives available and suitable for a wide range of applications. Z-Poxy 5 Minute is a quick setting two part epoxy resin giving a clear, tough, permanent bond to wood, metals, fibreglass and many plastics. It has excellent gap filling and shock resistant characteristics in a glue line that doesn't shrink and is resistant to fuel, oil and many chemicals and solvents. The non-reversible chemical set takes place in just five minutes, which in most cases eliminates the need for clamping. Z-Poxy 30 Minute has all the attributes of the five minute version but with the added benefit of a longer open or working time, essential in some assemblies. The slower set also gives the further benefit of an even stronger bond and enables the casting of small components and the making of epoxy putty when compounded. Both packs are 8 fl.oz (4 fl.oz resin; 4 fl.oz hardener). Like most chemical set products they are sensitive to temperature and humidity affecting the setting times and in extreme cases their ability to set. Good working conditions are therefore essential to gain the best results.

Gorilla Glue

The original Gorilla Glue, a strong reliable polyurethane bond accepted and trusted worldwide has now been improved to give you faster setting time with 90% bond strength achieved in 3 - 4 hours. Gorilla bonds materials other adhesives simply can't - wood, stone, metal, ceramics, glass, foam and more.

Gorilla Glue Fast Cure

This Fast Cure polyurethane glue dries in 30 - 60 minutes to an off-white, very strong, temperature tolerant and waterproof bond. Designed for craft projects, model-makers and woodworkers needing a strong reliable wood glue with a fast set, bonds wood, metal, ceramics, glass etc. Available in a 2oz (60ml) bottle or as a precision glue pen 22ml for small jobs or tight spaces.

Hot Melt Glue Sticks (White)

A white adhesive with a open time of 60 seconds and high tack. Suitable for softwoods, board, paper, fabrics and some plastics. Each stick approximately 30g of glue.

Hot Melt Glue Sticks (Yellow)

A popular hot melt adhesive, orange/yellow and flexible with a medium open time of 45 seconds and a very high molten tack or grab. It forms a tough bond on many difficult substrates and is recommended for use on woods, most plastics, ceramics and light gauge metals. Each stick contains approximately 30g of glue.

Titebond Polyurethane Glue

Titebond Polyurethane Glue is a professional strength waterproof glue specially formulated for multi-purpose applications. In addition to its superior wood-to-wood performance, it is equally effective for metal, ceramic, plastic, Corian(r) stone and other porous/non-porous materials. Titebond Polyurethane is ready to use, offers excellent sandability and is unaffected by finishes. Twice as thick as traditional polyurethanes it provides a non-run, non-drip glue line for more precise applications. Titebond Polyurethane will not become brittle with age and will not expand or contract in the glue joint. Polyurethane glues cure by moisture and an effervescence is a by-product of this, there is no strength in this and it is easily sanded off when dry. In very dry timber it may be necessary to moisten one surface to encourage curing to take place.

Liberon Rabbit Skin Glue

Traditional glue used in the preparation of gesso and as a base for gilded and painted surfaces. Also use as a glue size for gold and metal leaf.

Titebond Liquid Hide Glue

This product has similar properties to Pearl glue, but in liquid form it is ready to use. It forms an excellent strong bond with the timber and its slow setting properties allow time for precise assembly. Like Pearl Glue it can be reversed by the application of gentle heat, making it excellent glue for use in furniture repair or small veneering jobs. Due to the unique properties of this glue, we suggest purchasing the required amount for the job in hand, rather than storing for long periods of time. Once opened must be used.

Fast Grab 5 Minute Polyurethane Glue

This massively strong polyurethane glue is economical to use, has a fast initial grab in 5 to 10 minutes and a firm bond in 4 hours. Full cure will require 24 hours. After setting, the bond is very stable resisting 'creep' , immersion in salt water and the elements. Fast Grab will also bond with cement, metal and many combinations of materials.

Titebond Instant Glues

Cyanoacrylates (CA) have traditionally been called super glues for their adhesion properties to a wide range of different materials and their effectiveness for unique applications. The Titebond Instant range of CA adhesives covers many different applications; the viscosity and setting times vary according to the chosen product.

  • The Thin version has a handling time of 5 seconds and a setting time of 3 seconds and is good for running into hairline cracks for repairs and stabilising small sections of timber.
  • The Medium version has a 7 second handling time and a setting time of 5 seconds and would be a more general purpose type of CA glue.
  • The Thick version has 10 second handling and 8 seconds set making it ideal for stabilising porous woods, using with MDF and trim carpentry components.
  • The Gel has 30 second handling with a 20 second set and has excellent gap filling properties. Again its performance is very good when used with porous materials.

All types are supplied in 56.8g (2oz) no clog applicators.

Liberon Pearl Glue

Arguably Pearl glue is still the best glue you can buy for furniture and interior use. Essential for re-gluing or repairing antique furniture as it is the only glue compatible with the original used and it enables joints to be taken apart again during future repairs. Should you need to break the joint at a later date it can be heated or steamed apart. To make the glue, estimate the amount you will need and pour the pearl beads into the inner container of your glue pot, top up with hot water so that it just covers the beads and allow to soak overnight. Heat the glue and stir frequently and it is ready to use as soon as it is all liquid with no lumps. You will find the optimum consistency in use and for the job in hand although ideally it should run freely in a continuous string from a raised brush without breaking up into small droplets. Add more hot water to thin or more pearls to thicken.

Polite Warning!

By US law American glues contain a "bittering agent" to stop small children from swallowing it. Ensure that you scrub your hands BEFORE having that lunchtime sandwich or a biscuit with a cup of tea...

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