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Simple Electronics and Electrics

Here you will find very simple projects to produce effects that will add realism to your layout. Most of these are designed to run on simple AA or PP3 batteries. If you can solder a DIN plug -then you can make these. For those people who are not too sure about electrical and electronic colour coding, here is a simple cheat sheet...

Black = 0 Brown = 1 Red = 2 Orange = 3 Yellow = 4 Green = 5 Blue = 6 Violet = 7 Grey = 8 White = 9

The teenage mneumonic is "Bad Boys Rape Only Young Girls -But Virgins Go Willingly"...

Dark Detector. Audible warning of loco in tunnel.
Random Blinking LEDs. Coals glowing through the grate.
Battery Monitor. Battery Charge.
Latching Relay. To reduce current in battery operated equipment.
Limit Switches. This circuit detects when the water level is low.
Station "Announcements". The pluurggle now thwanding at flatkform fwoorn...

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