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Coupling Reviews

Reviews of some of the coupling kits available from various gauge 3 suppliers.

Garden Railway Specialists :

A) DG2091 Three-link coupling, for freight wagons and locos without continuous braking (those not fitted with vacuum or Westinghouse train brakes). This kit consists of just a cast white metal draw hook plus three links of shaped copper wire.

B) DG2092 "Instanter" : Similar to the three-link but with the centre link replaced by a white metal casting which rotates to provide loose or close coupling.

C) Screw Couplings (three types of kit with catalogue Part Nos.):

Type 1 : DG2093 Whitemetal castings for hook and (dummy) screw section plus shaped copper wire for the links... assembled by squeezing parts together (this type is the cheapest version and is supplied with the GRS loco and rolling stock kits). GRS Dummy Screw Coupling

Type 2 : DM2201 All cast brass parts requiring some skill in assembly .... see GRS Screw Coupling Assembly page.

Type 3 : BE048 A more recent introduction, which sits between the previous two types, in terms of strength and complexity. Supplied as a sprue of four cast nickel-silver parts (a draw hook, two links and a "dummy" screw link), it is far stronger than the whitemetal type but less complex to assemble than the fully working brass type above. See GRS Dummy Screw Coupling page for images, etc.


Screw coupling :

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