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G 3 Wiki Read First

The Legal Bit.

This is called "The Gauge '3' Wiki".

The information is provided on an "AS IS" basis under the GNU Public Licence version 2.0.

If you wish to add more information or correct what you believe to be an error then use the contact information and access criteria on the left hand side bar.

The contributors of material have taken care to avoid infringement of copyright but if you believe there has been an infringement, which will have been genuinely unintentional, then please notify the site Administrator using the contact link in the side bar, and the material will be removed.

What is this for....and just as importantly, how best to use it?

The G3 Wiki is a knowledge system containing information that you will need to plan and build a Gauge 3 model railway. This can be used for either an indoor layout, for exhibitions, or most probably outside in the garden. Much of the content is also applicable to other large scale model railways, particularly G-scale, 1:22.5, where the scale is visually identical.

There are three basic entry points:-

1) Select from the Five "pathway" Routes (1 to 5)

2) Select a topic from the list of contents on the Home Page.

3) Use the keyword "search" ..... top right-hand corner of all pages.

The material has been submitted by several Authors. Thus it has not been possible for the Editors, in the time available, to check the accuracy of all of the articles and entries. So, if you spot any errors in the information, then go to the How to Contribute Content link on the Side Bar and describe what you believe is the error. We will do our best to rectify it!

It is intended that the site will be expanded by receiving contributions and updates to existing material, on a continuing basis. Some articles have yet to be completed and uploaded, so you will see "to be continued" where this is the case. We believe it is better that some of it be available rather than none of it.

If you wish to submit material, that can be accomplished by clicking the How to Contribute Content link and following the six instructions given there.

If there is anything which is not clear, or you feel there is a significant "hole" in the information held and there is not an article to provide that information, then please use our sister site G3 Forum to voice your requirements in the dedicated G3 Wiki message board.

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