Index of STL modules contained in

downloadable ZIP files of milk van parts.

See the included README files for more information on each diagram.

The GWR Milk Train (Downloadable STL files for 3D printing)

4-Wheeled Van (sides, ends and roof)

Siphon "C" (dia.O8 ... the 8ft wide version)

Bogie Vans (sides, ends and roof)

Siphon "F" (dia.O7)

Siphon "G"  (Outside-Framed  dia. O11 )

Siphon "G"  (Inside-Framed  dia. O22 )

Siphon "H"  (dia.O12)

NOTE : Roofs  are now packaged with sides and ends.

Underframe and Other Details

Spring 4ft 6in/W-iron/Axleboxes  (for Siphon "C")

Bogie Side-frames                           "American" 9ft equalised                                              Collett 7ft Plate