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The GULP moment....

Although having looked at your garden and the sheer size of, "The Largest Scenic Scale", you may be wondering if you could even progress this past the thinking about it stage? The answer lies not in what what you want -but what you can do with what you have got...

It is quite permissible to have an indoor or outdoor "test track" of a few lengths of straight that you experiment with things going back and forth, and that is actually how I began. I know this sounds silly but "THINK SMALL!!!". This will enable you to experiment with how you want your railway to look and where you would like it to be seen from. We were fortunate to buy our last home with a huge flattish garden, as G3 was one of my specs -hers was a summer house and sun deck...

Don't expect an instant G3 railway as the typical time is around 3 years of work.

The best way to design your railway -is with a hose pipe. This can be laid on the ground and moved until you have something that you feel is "right". Then make a careful note of how it looks.

It might sound strange -but some of the best ideas for a G3 layout can be found in the books for simple 00 shelf layouts.

Layout Designs for Operation.
The Model Railway Design Manual.

More detailed information on planning can be found here.

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