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There is a justifiable saying, "No plan survives first contact with the enemy"... I hope you have watched such things as "The Garden Railway" episodes on YouTube and had a look at the various YouTube channels devoted to G3 and others. The time has now come to put pencil to paper and draw out what you would like your railway to look like. There are only two basic layouts and everything else evolves from them. These are the End to End and the Loop. If you are running steam engines then the loop is your only option and you will need at least one siding or passing section for the loco to "brew up" and cool down. The end to end simply means that the two ends are not connected. Which shape you decide on is more down to the geography and geology of your garden. I live on top of a hill and have zero soil depth and lots of millstone grit. Thus an End to End was my only option. These can be long twin tracked and thin with a station at either end. The problem with a loop is that fact that it has to connect at the ends. The Loop is required for continuous running and has been described as a race track for Steam locomotives whilst the End to End may be classed as a drag strip for diesels and electrics...

Before you progress further it would now be the point where you should do some basic costings of your railway. Do not be surprised to find that it seems astronomical... Here is the point where Ball Park Figures and Russian Arithmatics come into play. Call each yard of track £15. Each set of points £100+. Wagons will be £75+ and coaches more like £300+. Locos are what you want to pay for them! It is quite permissible in the G3 arena to have no track and to use other peoples. You may have to hunt for a track, mine is one of only two in Derbyshire -but soon there will be two more(!)

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