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This is "Route 1", a guide to the topics covered in the first level of information which will be of use to anyone new to Gauge 3 and thinking about whether it is a practical scale for their own circumstances.

You may have seen Gauge 3 in the modelling magazines and possibly running at exhibitions. Although Gauge 3 is a primarily a garden scale it is possible to enjoy building the models and run them on small indoor layouts. There are a few dedicated G3 "channels" on YouTube for you to investigate. If you have not contemplated a garden railway before then I would recommend that you find; "The Garden Railway Manual" by CJ Freezer, or "Garden Railways" which is published by Atlantic but is "written" by GRS. In the introduction it notes that G3 is; "enjoying something of a revival..." Finally there is the book "Garden Railways" by R.E.Tustin -this is somewhat "antique" but it is the only book I know with direct references to soil types and how to deal with them.

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