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What Is Gauge 3

Gauge and Scale

Doc. Ref. Peaky/1b

We in G3 are extremely fortunate to have a definitive gauge and scale for our standard gauge railway. The scale is 1:22.6, and gauge is 63.5 mm (2 ½”). This scale is also stated as 13.5 mm to the foot.

Why so fortunate? Because other model groups have a variety of scales or gauges to contend with. Take the Gauge 1 Model Railway Association for example. Their gauge is 45 mm, which is a true scale of 31.9:1. The rub comes because they have to deal with models in no less than three scales; 1:32, 1:30.5 and 1:29.

Another bad example is the ubiquitous Hornby OO. The gauge is 16.5 mm, being a true scale of 1:87. The models, however, are to a scale of 4 mm to the foot, which is 1:76. Splinter groups, such as EM and P4, introduce two slightly wider, but different, track gauges, to be more like the true scale of 1:76.

There are many reasons for these diversities of scale and gauge, but let us just pause to thank our esteemed forefathers from the inaugural meeting of the G3S (since when more than a quarter of a century has passed), that we in G3 are modelling to a consistent set of parameters! I know the numbers don’t easily roll off the tongue, but there we have it, the best, most consistent and largest scenic model railway system to be had on the planet!

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