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DocRef: JC10a

Kits for Scenic Accessories

When you have reached the stage where you are wondering how to add scenic realism to your layout, you may well have deduced two facts.

  • If you are modelling a British scene, there is not a lot of choice. The vast majority of G-scale kits are of American or European and Continental parentage.
  • The few British-style items which do exist
    • In some cases rather expensive for what they offer
    • They are not always true-to-scale. A compromise between G-scale and 16mm scale which can become rather obvious when a compromised model is placed close to a true-scale model.

A word of warning regarding tunnel portals, bridges and similar "G-scale" items, although built to same scale as Gauge '3' will not, in many cases, provide sufficient clearance for Gauge '3' trains.... Remember that G-scale models are usually of narrow gauge and not standard gauge prototypes!

Unless you are prepared to scratch build everything then you will likely need to be prepared to compromise and use what is available.

Below is a list of suppliers of items which are claimed to be suitable for British Gauge '3' or G-scale : They are listed in alphabetical order and no judgement is passed upon the suitability or quality of specific items, it is up to you to assess the suitability of a particular item for your purposes.

Garden Railway Specialists

Penfro Models

Williams Models

A few "mainstream" G-scale suppliers of American and European models, such as LGB , Bachmann and Pola, also offer some items which may be suitable for a British scene.

Their products are stocked by Gaugemaster and a search of Ebay is always worthwhile for specific items.

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