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Sources Of Decals Lettering And Lining

DocRef: JC14a

You have your completed model to which you applied a lovely paint job but now you have to do the lettering, lining, etc.

In all the smaller scales there are suppliers offering waterslide and "rub-on" transfers for all the major railway companies. Come to G3 and your choice is severely limited.

Garden Railway Specialists offer transfer sets for their own kits, which can be bought separately, but several I have received with kits have not been authentic in size, colouring, type face or scale and have gone in the bin. Having said that, there are some very good ones in their range but you have to be selective if authenticity worries you.

Fox Transfers have been up-scaling some sets from their range of smaller scale transfers but this mainly covers locomotives and the range is very limited.

There are a couple of "cottage industry" suppliers offering a small selection, almost exclusively of pre-grouping railways.

(More up to date info required) Barry Lane L&YR/ Chris Barron (????)/ etc.

One Society member commissioned(was it POW Sides...I have to look back through my emails???)to produce a sheet to suit the Flexikit LNER fish vans.

Cambridge Custom Transfers produce a range of transfers to suit oil/petroleum tank wagons and ICI chemical tanks.

Williams Models have a limited range to suit several of the kits in their range.

If you want anything not offered by the known suppliers, then you have two options:

1) Design and commission a custom sheet but you will likely not get much change from 100 Pounds.

2) Make your own, which is not as simple as it may sound, but not impossible.

Decal Design Downloads This site offers some artwork, designed by John Candy, to produce your own on a computer printer but the range is limited.

To learn more about designing and producing your own go to DIY Decals.

There are other options. It is possible to purchase "pinstripe" tape. This comes in roll that you apply to the model and the centre section peels off leaving you with a clear strip with two tape borders to paint over. Similarly there are the card making vinyl strips that are self adhesive and range from 1mm to 5mm in thickness. Most available ranges include 90 degree corners that can be used.

I have a copy of "How Not To Paint A Model Loco" and I have tried some of the techniques shown there. The hardest part that I found was using the "bow pen" and getting the paint thinned to the right flow rate. I will admit that it does require some practice on old cornflakes packets to get it right but -it does work. Another book I would recommend is, "A Modellers Handbook of Painting and Lining"

The final parts are the builders plates and so -on. The main source of these is "Narrow Planet"(approve sites)

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