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Road Vehicles

DocRef: JC8a

Part of the "scene", from the early part of the 20th Century onwards, will require the inclusion of "road motors" and/or steam traction engines.

There are several Chinese and Japanese producers of 1:24 and 1:25 scale die-cast cars,trucks and buses but their ranges concentrate on the era 1970 to the present. They do have a few 1920's/30's/40's offerings but are mostly of marques suited to the US or Continental European scene. Suitable models for the British scene would be the Burago Citroen TA-15 (built at the Slough factory), Ford vehicles (such as the Model "T", Model "A" and the "BB" lorry/truck), the Morris Minor 1000, the BMC (Austin / Morris) Mini and the VW Beetle.

If you move a bit "upmarket" Franklin Mint produce some very good models but of rather exotic marques, such as Rolls-Royce, Jaguar and Alvis (and if you watch ebay, good examples can be picked up relatively cheaply....the new prices match the prestige of the marques represented by the models).

A Franklin Mint model of the SS 100 (predecessor of the 1948 Jaguar XK 120, itself a model sold by Burago).

With some modifications, it is possible to produce some very convincing British vehicles from the Ford types. Below : A couple of conversions from a "Unique Replicas", 1934 Ford "BB" truck to produce Fordson"B" 2-tonners.

A "Liberty Classics" Ford Model "A" 1933 "Royal Mail" van (this is adapted from a "money box")

A "Motormax" Ford "T" 1926 "Paddy Wagon" converted to another "Royal Mail" van.

Buses : The primary producer of these is "Sunstar" but apart from the 1940's/50's Bedford "OB" single-decker coach/bus (offered in a wide range of authentic liveries) their offerings are limited to London Transport double-deckers of the mid 1940's/50's (type "RT") and late 1950's/60's (type "RM", the iconic Routemaster) ...fine if you model the area around London, although both types migrated to other areas after being sold out of LT service, usually after a service life of 15 to 20 years.

Photo by Steve Flint, courtesy Railway Modeller

OcCre, well known for their wooden kits of transport subjects, offer the LGOC (London General Omnibus Company a predecessor of the LPTB "London Transport") "B-type" bus, best known as "Ole Bill" the type of bus which carried thousands of troops to the trenches in France during the Great War.

Vehicle Kits : South Eastern Finecast (perhaps better-known for their smaller scale locomotive kits) offer a range of British vehicles covering the "between the wars" and immediate post WW2 periods. They are whitemetal and quite expensive but include such "gems" as the Austin 7, early MGs, a "Blower" Bentley and a 3-wheel Morgan.

The South Eastern Finecast 1925 "Austin 7"

Garden Railway Specialists offer ( a rather expensive) whitemetal kit for the ubiquitous Scammel "Mechanical Horse" from the 1930's and at one time offered a conversion of a 1937 Ford (US-type V8 "pick-up") to a "British outline" delivery van.

A GRS kit (adaption of a Ford 1937 V8 "pick-up")

Plastic kit producers "Revell" and "Italeri" are worth a look but, again, their offerings are either Continental European or very modern in flavour.

Midsummer Models : A couple of very nice traction engines (finished models) are available but with a price-tag that matches their quality.

Finally, if you haven't wearied of laying track, OcCre offer a range of trams, including the LCC (London County Council) B-class double-deck, open-top car, dating from 1903.

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