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Ready To Run Rolling Stock

DocRef: JC19a

Ready-to-Run carriages and wagons are in very short supply.

If you are expecting to walk into a shop and select from a range, as with smaller scales, you can forget it.

The only retail shop where Gauge 3 is sold is Garden Railway Specialists and all their stock is built from kits. You may be lucky and find they have a newly commissioned model, or a secondhand example, of the item you require. More likely than not, you will have to ask for a kit to be assembled for you. This is a not inexpensive option.

Apart from GRS, there is Kingscale who offer a BR Mk.1 Corridor All 3rd R-T-R carriage in a choice of regional liveries but no matching Brake, Composite or other types of carriages.

Penfro Models offer a few examples of LMS style carriages at reasonable cost and Curlew Coaches will hand build you a carriage with basic detailing but nicely painted, again at reasonable cost.

Walsall Model Industries and Williams Models both offer a limited range of etched brass parts, for late 19th century coaches from the GWR and LNWR. An enquiry will provide you with the name of a professional kit-builder to turn your parts into a completed model.

Apart from the above, you either have to scout around for second hand examples, which are scarce, or you build your own, either from scratch or using the few kits on offer.

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