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Kits And Kit Building Stock

DocRef: JC20a

Kits for Coaches and Wagons

Section 1 : Coaches

This section is quickly covered. There are very few coach kits available but those which are fall into two general categories, they are either etched brass or use moulded and cast plastics, such as styrene or resins.

Etched Brass

The only current suppliers are Walsall Model Industries, early 4-wheel GWR stock plus a few sides-only etches for early LNWR stock and Williams Models LNWR 6-wheel stock. As with brass kits in other smaller scales, a degree of experience in folding and rolling brass etches, plus soldering expertise are essential to avoid "disasters" when assembling these expensive kits. It is possible to have these kits "made up" and the suppliers will be happy to recommend a professional kit-builder.

Moulded and Cast Plastic or Resin Kits

There are limited choices in this category but at least the stock offered is of rather less antiquity than with the brass kits.

Garden Railway Specialists are the only current supplier of these kits. They offer a couple of LSWR non-corridor bogie coaches in moulded styrene and a LNER Gresley compartment 3rd in cast polyurethane resin. They also offer a "skeleton" kit for the Gresley coach which included everything except the sides. This is so you can assemble alternatives to the All Third by using individual cast side modules or panels which are also offered. The LSWR stock is suitable for the period from the early 1900's into the 1950's, while the LNER stock would cover the mid-1920s up until the early 1960's.

In both cases the underframes and roof are a mix of white metal, brass and plastic moulded parts, with the sides and ends as mentioned above.

Section 2 : Wagons

Thankfully, if passenger stock is in short supply, then there is a large choice of goods and freight stock to draw upon.

Currently Available

Agenoria Models

A newcomer to gauge 3 but a long-established supplier in the smaller scales, the current range includes the BR Standard 16 Ton welded steel Mineral Wagon and the BR Standard 20 Ton Brake Van. These are etched kits.

Andy Boothman T/A Garfield Models

Midland Railway 10 Ton steel-framed van in etched brass plus other detailing etches.


These are sold by Williams Models (see below). These are a budget range of strong and well-designed cast resin kits which sacrifice none of the accuracy and realism of the prototype, but require a little additional effort in construction which is not difficult. The full range consists of around a dozen types of RCH, LMS and LNER open wagons and vans, which are of types not available from other sources.

See review of 7-plank Flexikit by Mark Thatcher in Garden Rail (issues 279 & 280 November 2017 and December 2017)

Kippo Models

At the moment there is a Mk1 BR carriage This kit consists of , one piece moulded underframe, side panels, roof, trussing, internal partitions,battery boxes, vacuum cylinders.

Garden Railway Specialists

The progenitor of a modern Gauge '3' "revival" they have over a long period supplied a wide range of wagon kits. Their original range included a few etched brass kits but the majority were of scribed plastic card, with white metal underframes and cast strapping or other fittings. Over the past few years, several of the original kits have been replaced by cast resin types. While many others have been discontinued, some of the plastic card type are still offered. The early style kits were of variable quality, both as to scale accuracy or authenticity and the quality of the white metal castings. The resin kits are a great improvement upon the originals and far simpler/quicker to assemble. When buying a kit it is worth checking whether the price includes the wheels. The majority do not and this will add at least another 14 Pounds to the cost.

Some construction notes/reviews of kits:

Peter Wood Wagons

A handful of 5-plank and 7-plank open wagons and a salt van all in laser-cut MDF material, with thin card strapping and offered with optional laser-cut steel underframe.

Review and construction notes for the 7-plank open can be found at:

Slaters Plastikard

Well known for their large range of kits of all types in the smaller scales, they currently produce just two Gauge '3' kits : Midland Railway 10 Ton merchandise van and Midland Railway 10T Brake Van both principally of moulded plastic. To be released are a Gloucester 7 plank POW and a Gloucester 7 plank POW with side or end door, both of these are to RCH1887.

Walsall Model Industries

Over recent years, WMI, a long time producer of kits in smaller scales, have "up-scaled" several of their range to G3. These are etched brass kits.....(working on this)

Williams Models

A range of "easy to assemble" open wagons and vans from a variety of companies, including GER, GNR, GWR, LBSC, LNWR, LSWR and RCH types. Quality kits which include everything except glue, paint and transfers. The majority of kits are of the cast polyurethane resin type but a few recent additions are of laser-cut timber. Williams Models is also sole supplier of the Flexikit range (see above).

Reviews/construction notes :

For final finishing touches see Sources Of Decals Lettering And Lining

The following Suppliers are new to the G3 marketplace and thus their range is as yet small -but very interesting.

Marston Models

A small range of parts for various companies and platform scenic parts. Some white metal and some printed.

Peter Korzilius

All steel folded wagon chassis in 9 or 10 feet, an LNER "fitted" chassis, with a single axle fold up.

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