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Scenic Structures

If you are wanting to represent a particular railway at a specific period in time, then scratch building is the only option see Scratch Building Techniques. However, if you are willing to compromise on matters of prototypical accuracy and in many cases of precise scale... Many producers of line side kits refer to then as being suitable for both G-scale AND 16mm scale, which usually means they are scaled somewhere between the two, then there is a large selection available to you.

A few are reasonable representations of the real thing but most are more toy town in appearance and not for the serious scale modeller.

Most of these kits are of resin but some are MDF or plywood and a few are of concrete or pottery, the latter types are more garden ornament in nature, than serious models.

You can best judge for yourself what meets your requirements, so rather than be judgemental on individual producers and products, I will simply list the major suppliers. In addition, there are always suppliers advertising on Ebay, offering reasonably-priced kits and completed models.

Brunel Models These are not kits but custom built premium products.
Kirtley Models INDOOR USE ONLY. These are not kits but custom-built premium products.
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