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Kit Built Locos And Rolling Stock

DocRef: Admin2a

Below are links to downloadable files which will help you build a variety of loco and rolling stock kits.

MS&LR 0-6-2-T (Great Central class 9F) / LNER class N5

A Garden Railway Specialists Kit.

Bagnall 0-4-0ST

A Conversion from from Garden Railway Specialists “Peckett” Kit.

LMS Fowler 4F 0-6-0

A Garden Railway Specialists Kit.

Wisbech & Upwell Tramway LNER (ex-GE) Y6 0-4-0 Loco.

A Live Steam Conversion from Garden Railway Specialists Electric Kit.

GWR 2021 Class 0-6-0 Pannier Tank

The Live Steam version, a Garden Railway Specialists Kit.

Construction Tips from Christopher Cory

Improving the performance by David Outteridge.

Garden Railway Specialists Wagon Kits

Some notes on their construction and improvement.

GWR “Toad” Brake Van

GWR “MOGO” Motor Car van

LNER ‘Toad D’ 20T Brake Van, from a BR 20T kit

BR 20T Brake Van, from a new style resin kit.

14 Ton Petroleum Tank, ex-Air Ministry

5-Plank Wagons of the “Big Four”.

LMS Plywood Vans, Diagram D2097/D2108.

GWR “Loriot M” Machinery Wagon, Diagram G14.

Williams Models Wagon Kits

Great Northern 8 Ton Van.

Great Eastern 10 Ton Van.

Peter Wood Wagon Kits

P.O. 10 Ton 7-plank coal wagon.

Wagon & Carriage Works

Etched Brass Kits these are no longer produced, but may be found "pre-owned".

Great Central 10 Ton Sliding Door Van.

LNER Diagram 20 Ventilated Refrigerator Van.

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