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GRS Screw Coupling Assembly

This deals with the assembly of the Garden Railway Specialists kit (part No. DM2201) for a brass, working, screw link coupling.

First photo shows what to expect in the packet (one of the pair shown). You will need two 1/32 inch brass rivets which are not included. In this view the draw hook and the screw component have already been detached from the sprue and fettled. The components are linked to the sprue by "chunky" brass sections...I used a minitool with a cutting disc to separate, followed by filing to clean up. The threaded section is cast brass and will need to be run through a 6BA die to "true" the threads.

Next photo shows all the parts separated and cleaned up : The parts highlighted will need to be tapped 6BA and this will be easier if done whilst still on the sprue.

In view below, the parts have been threaded onto the screw section : NOTE the square block which has not been tapped 6BA slides on before the threaded items are added. To prevent the screw items becoming detached (and lost somewhere around the track) now put a blob of solder on the end of the screw thread to block the final couple of turns.

Next the links have been compressed onto to screw blocks

The Tommy bar / weight has been attached to the screw link by soldering a rivet through the pivot (be careful not to solder solid... the bar should swing loose in the pivot)

Finally, the the coupling is fitted to the draw hook. NOTE : The link enclosing the screw "head" (not the open end thread with the solder blob) is the one which fits into the draw hook and the hook is squeezed to capture the link. You will have to provide your own spring and retaining pin/bolt when fitting to the loco.

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