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Complete Guide To Building A Live Steam 0-4-4 T

DocRef: Admin3a

This is a "blow-by-blow" account of how to build a live steam tank locomotive from scratch.

This project has been developed by a well-respected and experienced model engineer and member of The Gauge 3 Society, publishing under the pseudonym “Ginger”.

Having studied the article, I would say that this is a very difficult project. Although it uses commercial parts from the G1MRA "Project" locomotive, it also uses a Lathe and Milling machine to quite a high level.

The prototype for his model is the SER Stirling "Q" class 0-4-4T, but as explained in the prologue, the principles can be applied to a multitude of similar locomotive types.

Your Attention is Drawn to the safety warnings on the introductory page and you must exercise your own judgement as to whether this project is within your capabilities.

Start here >> How to Build a Live Steam 0-4-4T

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