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Buffer Stops

The Humble Buffer Stop

It may not be classed as a major part of your railway but is none the less an essential part of any siding or terminus. I was present at a meeting of the G3S committee in which the matter of the new positions of buffers was discussed. After the person giving the research presented the wildly varying data he had found the consensus was, "pick a number -any number..." The distance varied from four feet GNoS to eight feet six inches. Discounting the largest and smallest an average was taken and this became the new standard.

There are a few suppliers of G3 buffer stops. They basically fall into two categories. The folded rail and the wooden sleeper type.

These are suppliers of the folded rail type:

Cliff Barker.
Garden Railway Specialists.
Williams Models (in cast brass form)

These are suppliers of the wooden type:

Williams Models (includes the ballast-filled sleeper type)
Bole Laser Craft.

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