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Battery Powered

The Options.

Brand New.

At the moment there is one supplier of RTR battery electric locos. GRS offer a limited number of their own track-powered loco kits which have been assembled and fitted with radio control and battery power. They are quite expensive (being hand-built "one off"items) and the availability of loco types is constantly changing.... see their website Garden Railway Specialists for current availability and prices.

A low cost Sentinel 0-4-0VBGT loco is under development and is expected to be available from 2018, see Williams Models.

Slaters have a Midland Railways Kirtley 700 series 0-6-0 loco kit in the advanced design stages.

Second Hand.

You may come across some of the GRS models of the GWR 45XX Prairie tank which were offered in two variations : One was powered by a geared oscillating steam motor and the other was track-powered. Many of the track-powered variety were subsequently converted to battery power by their owners. The same (Chinese built) models were, for a limited period, sold by Bachmann following the closure of the Chinese factory.

There haven't been that many designs made for a purely electric loco although there are a few designs of Ernest Steele that were available in the early 1960's. Your purchase is very probably going to be hand made by a scratch builder...

The Sodor Source...

Do not be embarrassed -but the Thomas Range is almost the right scale for Gauge '3'. The main problem is that they are all Gauge '1'. It is quite an easy job to re-gauge the wheels from 45 to 63.5mm. I am not ashamed to have had Thomas, Percy and James on my tracks after modification.

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